Spring Cloud AWS is a community led Spring Cloud project simplifying using Amazon Web Services from Spring Boot based applications.

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There are two actively developed versions of Spring Cloud AWS - depending on which version of Spring Boot is used in the project:

Version 2.3.x is the latest stable release maintained under awspring GitHub organisation. This version is based on AWS SDK 1.x, it’s open for contributions for both bugfixes and new features or integrations.

Version 3.x is in planning phase. It will be based on AWS SDK 2.x, with many integrations rewritten from scratch in order to align Spring Cloud AWS with patterns and practices introduced in Spring Boot.

How to Contribute

Spring Cloud AWS is a community project and we are open for contributions. If you are looking into contributing new feature or integration, ideally start with creating an issue or discussion topic in the GitHub repository. From there we can align on how we believe it should be implemented.

Before you start coding, make sure to get familiar with our contributor guidelines and set up your IDE to follow coding conventions.

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